Relearning Life 

It is not easy,


How to live

Your life

Rewire the soul,


Rebuild the

Walls you let fall,

Rewind and unwind

Memories of happy days,

Unique and amazing,

Some extraordinary ways

To carry the world on your 

Shoulders again,

And calm the seas

In your eyes,

To see clearly of all you left behind,

With guilt weighing you down,

It’s not easy 

To remember how strong

You were all along,

Once you been broken down,

And can’t be put together,

To remind every broken piece

of the cosmic reality,

Of the constellations that make up 

The galaxy of your soul. 

It’s not easy 

To unlearn giving up

And be your person,

Kind and beautiful 

And accept yourself

For the person you have become,

Strange, wild and beautiful,

Just missing a little fairy dust,

And to build your own path again,

For once you were,

Someone who would love,

And not run from life 

As it’s not easy 

Once you stop living 

To Relearn to sober up. 
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Gone before you came


Don’t love me,
I am not here to stay,
One day I’ll disappear,
Like that sunset’s last ray.

My wings have tasted freedom,
I only know how to fly,
Touching the stars,
Breathing in the midnight sky.

I am the bird returning home,
Forgotten to walk,
Broken wings,
Too tired to fly,
So here on the ground I lie.

Let me be on my own,
Don’t try to heal me with the galaxies in your eyes,
I might pay you back with coins of stories,
Of fireflies and wasps,
Dolphins and sharks,
And how light consumes the dark.

I’ll let u have a peek into my little adventures.
But that’s all you’ll ever have of me,
Just a glimpse,
In return for a bucket load of stars from dust of your being.

I’ll listen to your dreams,
And make them mine.
But I’ll live them in my own time.
And not with you,

While you’ll sit on that table,
Dinner for two,
I’ll pack my heart and leave you behind.

You’ll wait as it’ll seem too unjustified,
But I don’t care love,
For I might be the love of your life,
You will never be mine.

My heart goes places,
You will never like,
So stitch up your broken pieces,
As soon as you realize,
I was gone,
The day I came,
I was like that stupid rain.

Womanhood- A myth

We need more men and women who are morally right and not socially right.

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So I came across this article about a woman who decided to go bra less in london but not in India. This made me realize how much attention this issue really requires.
Bra is often associated with one’s womanhood. But that really makes me wonder who made it a necessity and why that small piece of clothing needs to be treated as a part of one’s body?
I have often seen girls making fun of someone not wearing one and calling her immature and indecent. When these ‘indecent’ girls were asked about it they tell how they are never comfortable while wearing one and though their mothers force them to wear one they sometime still refuse to wear it.
I have also come across girls who tell about how their own mother made them wear one during their early teenage years and even when they refused in the beginning their mothers forced them and in one case even told her that she(mother) won’t speak to her if she won’t wear it. And although being a rebel in those early years, these girls too now have grown to believe it to be a compulsion. They believe that every women and girl must be forced into wearing one as it is a necessary commodity if one wants to be labelled as decent.
Hearing this coming from girls who otherwise hate all the caste system prevailing in the society, and who boasts of being feminists and ladies with a liberal outlook really troubled my soul. But arey they the only ones maintaining those double standards?
No, its the society, they are just small fishes in a much bigger pond made of such stereotypes and ‘so called liberals’.
This is just one of the many myths and beliefs still prevailing in the society. Not disposing off sanitary napkins without wrapping them in layers of newspapers or polybags as the blood on it is impure and might pollute the environment or not going to any religious place leave alone enter one’s own kitchen are some century old notions and beliefs that need immediate attention.

When we talk about rapes and crimes against women in the society we often forget about these little beliefs and notions that knowingly or unknowingly we are feeding to our daughters and friends. If we really want the condition of women to improve in the society we need to start from our homes.
Stop telling them they are impure, stop telling them they got something to hide, stop restricting them from making their own choices, its their body, teach them to treat it like a temple and stop telling them what they should and shouldn’t do.
Dont set rules for them, let them decide their own boundaries and the way they want to live their lives.

I hope I will be able to change atleast one mind by putting this here.