Here is another one! Not writing these days but just doing some sketches! Any pointers will be helpful! 🙂


P.S.- I drew this using another picture i found on Google.


Lost Cause


We are the lost cause,
The generation that is always wrong,
The world around is falling apart,
But the soul still trying to stand strong.

Feelings erased leaving our hearts weightless,
Not having the courage to confess.
Drunk on the concept of love,
Drowning in the darkness,
Desperately trying to keep the head above.

All secrets oozing out from the windows to our soul,
Trying to escape the world ignoring every call.
And then throwing down the cups of fire down the throat.

Burning every ounce of feeling still left behind,
Trying to shut our ghastly minds.
Smoking our days away,
Refusing to eat to please someone,
Who won’t even matter oneday.

Everything we touch falls apart,
Making us question everything we did from the start.
We are the generation parents warn their children about,
Little did they know we too were those kids someday.

Who threw us there in the first place?
Our own thoughts,
Our own minds,
Our ignorance of everything bright.
Its easy to be sad,
To not do anything,
To accept other’s opinion of us,
But whats hard is to pick ourselves up,
To challenge the odds.

Its not the world,
Its not the time,
If we want to blame anyone,
We must blame our own mind.
We might be forgiven on the judgment day,
But isn’t it too early to give up on recovery today?