Okay so here i am Hola people! I read a few pages( I always do my homework) just to get an idea of what am I supposed to write here. But then I thought hey wait that’s not me!
So ya i will be sincere like I always am. I am a College Student doing B.A. Economics (Scary stuff I know but I don’t care I love it!). I am in my first year by the way if anyone is wondering! So I created this blog after I have been told by a number of people that I deserve to own a blog (Ya I am that happy to own a blog :p). I will mostly be writing poems and some lessons I learn from everyday life. I am no professional writer and started writing just a few months back.
Suggestions and requests -most welcome. In case you want me to write about something, some theme or topic, just leave a comment.
Well…welcome to my blog!
Here is to new friendships and lessons!
Just press that little follow button on the top and guess what its magic, you will then receive every post I make! (Ya its totally awesome i know 😉 )


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