Today again I woke up,
I should be happy for being alive right?

Again I’ll see those kids going to school,
Wearing matching dresses.
I once asked my mother if she knows what they carry in those little backpacks?
She said they are books.
I wonder what they are about though?
Beautiful pictures, poems or stories?

I’ll wear a pretty dress.
Mother said her children don’t need them anymore,
Thank god that lady’s children grew up so soon!
However, I wonder if I’ll ever know what it felt like to wear them when they were new?
Nice, good or beautiful?

My father will again point at buildings and tell me how he built them all.
But I don’t know why he lie all the time.
If they were built by him why don’t they all look alike?
I wonder then why aren’t we living under those lights?

My sister will again miss her dinner.
She says she is not hungry.
But I didn’t see her eat all day.
I wonder if she is fasting to get her wish?

Again I’ll run around barefoot.
The street is really hot though.
But everyone in my family walks like that.
I wonder if I only am the sensitive one?

Again I’ll sleep dreaming of a fairyland,
Beautiful and pretty.
Now you wonder why my dreams sound so normal?
Because dreaming is still free.


4 thoughts on “Stuck

  1. Hehe… Thoughts of our life .. Questions though we can’t understand.. Where to go what to do… Why to do..:-P.. Hehe… It’s really an awesome habit of urs dear.. Letting the words go off ur heart… Uaaa AMm@zing Sister….

    Liked by 1 person

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