Come on old friend!


Hello there old friend!
I knew you would come,
I have been waiting for you,
Come let me hold you in my arms,
Let me give you all they never will.

They said you are beautiful?
They lied my friend,
You are a mess,
And no matter how beautifully you arrange your broken pieces,
They are still broken.
Reflecting nothing but sadness.

This rage,
Is not your enemy,
Its a volcano lying dormant,
But guess what, it can still light up!
Let it consume you,
And consume everyone close to you,
For they don’t care about you,
They just long for company!
But you don’t need them right?
So go ahead burn every so called relationship shamelessly!

You love stars right?
But loving them adds nothing to your own importance,
They are just a reminder of how useless is your existence,
in this vast universe of mysteries and miracles,
You are just another damned human,
A mere creature born for nothing.
No matter how good you believe you are,
Its a bad world out there!
People care for no one but themselves.

But my friend I care for you,
You know why?
Because I am you.
I am in your head.
And I and only I is your true friend.

I will make sure no one could ever hurt you!
I will give a strong shield to your heart,
And then you can give them all a dose of their own medicine.
You can outshine them,
Be good at being bad,
You can do a bigger wrong for every wrong done to you.

You can only overcome this pain through a bigger pain,
Trust me, I will never misguide you.
You will never misguide yourself right?
And that’s how I am too,
Afterall you are me and I am you,
I am your dirtiest secrets and your worst fears,
And nothing is a better stimulator than fear.

You are back here now,
So welcome home my good-self!
You can sleep here as long as you want.
Until that light breaks in again,
I’ll suggest you rest.
And I promise,
This time you will have a long goodnight sleep.

Come on now my friend,
Its time for your darkness to take the lead!