Forever spend in a blink of an eye

In the crowd on the street,
Among stories unknown,
I saw a face,
A face so familiar,
Yet so strange,
And then passed a moment,
A moment of peace and chaos,
A force so powerful,
Like the work of gods,
Conspiring against my well caged heart,
The storm of emotions swallowed me whole,
The sudden need to feel,
The texture of his skin,
Overwhelmed me within,
Who knows how many souls were tricked by those eyes?
A beautiful combination of dark and light,
Too beautiful to believe,
May be a fallen angel from the sky?
Banished from the realms unknown to mankind,
A stolen glance enough to stole a heart,
A weapon too lethal to my sanity,
Those fragments of light shining in his eyes,
Putting stars to shame,
Challenging the vastness of skies.
I felt inside,
Having found the reason to live my life,
And yet it felt like my end.
A welcome home for monsters,
Monsters hidden in the shadows under his eyes,
Or caged in his black curls,
held tightly in their locks,
And when he spoke,
He spoke of darkness,
Ghosts whispering between his words,
Making my veins bleed,
Not of red but black,
The blackness of my soul,
His monsters sang to mine,
Dancing in a perfect harmony,
We were a perfect paradox
A terrific travesty,
Holding the paradise in one hand,
And in the other the key to purgatory,
Ready to take a ride wherever the other one leads,
Souls crashed to create a master piece,
A perfect blend of imperfections,
A piece of art,
Tamed by each other’s monsters,
And yet fighting from the angel’s side,
A love equally comforting as it was cruel,
Leaving us both paralyzed.
And still we danced,
To the end of forever,
The forever we spent,
Till the lights turned green,
And on our own paths we went.


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