Spilled Ink


People are not supposed to fit into boxes,
Their is no measurement for souls,
Thoughts have no borders,
No fences can stop destiny’s call.

Emotions are not a weakness,
Scars doesn’t mean ugly souls,
Tomorrow may not be there tomorrow,
It don’t always hurt when one falls.

Its okay to be angry,
Its okay to not have everything at a certain age,
Pain is not the end,
Recovery is the next stage.

Passion has no ‘impossible’,
No dream is too crazy,
No belief is too stupid,
Not all that is broken is useless,
Not all art has a form.

Not all pretty is beautiful,
Not all happiness is temporary,
Not all question resonate a doubt,
Not all that is lost cannot be found.

Those who can’t wait are not impatient,
Sometimes even right now seems too long,
Not all stories need words,
Sometimes spilled ink write better songs.

Not all who didn’t hear are deaf,
Not all who didn’t see are blind,
Not all need a story,
Sometimes actions convey it better than any language or sign.

Sky is not the limit,
There is always a ‘beyond’.
Souls are supposed to blow apart.
Constellations to be held in palms.

We need more stories of imperfections,
More wild hearts,
More people who lived their dreams,
More beautiful endings to a beautiful start.




Turned my back on reality,
Left the road well known,
Walked into forests,
Darkness with its secrets made me feel alone,
Traveling that distance,
Distance to stillness,
When the raging thoughts ruthlessly fought,
To sink in the quiet heart,
The will to withdraw into oneself,
Grew stronger with every new thought,
A beautiful paradox,
A moment of ultimate truth,
Truth about who i am,
To myself,
And not the world,
Made clearer with every step,
My ego turned porous,
Rage the ultimate binding force,
For a clutter of thoughts,
Combinations of irrelevant little details,
Of what could be and what didn’t,
Now transformed,
A blunt presentation of self,
Soul naked,
Spirit withered,
Cause lost,
And then I found,
Discovery beyond artifice,
In the silence of heart,
An empowering force,
Finally found the gift of solitude,
What rose from the dark forests of my mind,
And fell with an enlightenment from gray skies,
A path to self- discovery,
My heart no more callous or sour,
Just a little afraid to make the next best move,
But now holding on to a beautiful truth,
The truth of not who i am supposed to be,
But who i am really.
A brief grasp of solitude is all i needed to discover secrets of my being,
All pain now an old melody I used to sing.

My story- rewritten


I am not perfect,
I am miserable,
And I am distorted,
Like that old mirror,
I am dysfunctional at times,
Nervous at most crucial of moments,
I am afraid to speak,
To speak for myself,
I overthink things,
And mess the most beautiful of moments,
I contemplate,
Lose my sleep over people,
People who don’t even deserve a second of my small life,
I write, cut and re-write the same thing i wrote before,
For it didn’t feel right the first time,
I wish i could change,
To become someone easy to come by,
Someone who fits in the norms,
To be confident in my bones.
I sometimes feel this storm,
The storm of rage,
Destruction is all it seeks,
But i hold it in,
For I don’t want anyone to get hurt,
I wish I could be like rain,
Sometimes vapour,
Sometimes cloud,
And when i fall,
I could bring life to all.
But may be I am just like that,
May be I am just letting the pretty sun,
Overshadow my beauty,
The beauty of a rain,
Poets and lovers often converse with me,
While no one dares look in the eyes of the sun,
I flow on earth like the tears from heaven’s eyes,
And I too bring life,
The life to every sad soul,
The ones who lost hope sit in silence,
Letting out the sighs,
Like the gushy air,
That comes following me,
But then I also hold the power,
Power to destroy,
Destroy what sun takes credit for,
The pride he takes for being the energy source,
But when I come,
With my full force,
I will take with me,
What no living soul can endure.
But I still have just one wish,
To be in harmony with the sun,
For I wish to be the life force,
And no destroyer.


Forever spend in a blink of an eye

In the crowd on the street,
Among stories unknown,
I saw a face,
A face so familiar,
Yet so strange,
And then passed a moment,
A moment of peace and chaos,
A force so powerful,
Like the work of gods,
Conspiring against my well caged heart,
The storm of emotions swallowed me whole,
The sudden need to feel,
The texture of his skin,
Overwhelmed me within,
Who knows how many souls were tricked by those eyes?
A beautiful combination of dark and light,
Too beautiful to believe,
May be a fallen angel from the sky?
Banished from the realms unknown to mankind,
A stolen glance enough to stole a heart,
A weapon too lethal to my sanity,
Those fragments of light shining in his eyes,
Putting stars to shame,
Challenging the vastness of skies.
I felt inside,
Having found the reason to live my life,
And yet it felt like my end.
A welcome home for monsters,
Monsters hidden in the shadows under his eyes,
Or caged in his black curls,
held tightly in their locks,
And when he spoke,
He spoke of darkness,
Ghosts whispering between his words,
Making my veins bleed,
Not of red but black,
The blackness of my soul,
His monsters sang to mine,
Dancing in a perfect harmony,
We were a perfect paradox
A terrific travesty,
Holding the paradise in one hand,
And in the other the key to purgatory,
Ready to take a ride wherever the other one leads,
Souls crashed to create a master piece,
A perfect blend of imperfections,
A piece of art,
Tamed by each other’s monsters,
And yet fighting from the angel’s side,
A love equally comforting as it was cruel,
Leaving us both paralyzed.
And still we danced,
To the end of forever,
The forever we spent,
Till the lights turned green,
And on our own paths we went.

#For Creative Blogger’s Award

Hello fellow writers and readers!
Thankyou so much Amulya writes( Amulya Bhardwaj) for nominating me. Thank you for appreciating my work.

My Nomintions:
1. Anamika Agnihotri
2. rroopesh kumar
3. Madstoffa’s crunchy house

So here are the rules of this award:
1.) Nominate other blogs and notify all nominees via their social media/blogs
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Here are the facts about me:

1. I am a very positive person. And whenever I write I have to end it on a positive note else it somehow always feel incomplete.

2. I started this blog because my brother asked me. And now I am glad I did. I used to write earlier too but never made it public. Never expected I will receive so much appreciation. 🙂

3. I am more of a ‘I want to learn it all’ kind of person. I draw, write, read (quite a lot), also know a bit of guitar (hoping to continue my lessons this summer). I am also a bit on the nerd side where studies is concerned. I also was the best table tennis player in my school and a national level skater.

4. My future plans are mostly either go into research work(economics) or just get a decent job. (Lots of plans but yet to decide ) :p

5. I should stop my rant now! Ya I either don’t speak at all or I am in the mood to have a good debate. No in between. :p Bit of an Extremist. 😉