Magic In Your Eyes


You are not the center,
Just a displaced side piece,
You are not a tragedy,
You are what you don’t believe.
You are not the sunshine of today,
But a dark cloud of tomorrow,
You are not a happy ending,
Just about trials and sorrow.
You are not your heart’s cruelty,
But peace and tranquillity,
You are not your wildest fantasy,
But your actions and reality.
You are not what is yet to come,
But what you have overcome.
You are not the soft drizzle,
You are the destroying thunder,
You are not what you have accumulated,
But what you can surrender.
You are not your manipulations,
But about staying true.
You are not who you look upto,
But who is looking upto you.
You are not the plane white or black,
But beautiful textures and colors.
You are not a perfect piece of art,
But those scars and broken parts.
You are not your smile,
But magic shining in your eyes.
You are not the lost hope,
But that final leap of faith,
You are not what you get without asking,
But for what you wait.
You are not the people holding you down,
You are the hands pushing you up,
You are not your flaws and thoughts,
But your quirks and strength,
You are not confidence,
But humbleness at heights,
You are not your truths,
You are the pain behind your lies.
You are not someone’s life’s villain,
But someone who is suffering inside.
You are the one between Chaos and space,
And just like all perfectly imperfect things looking for a place.


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