The Trickster is so much i want to be,
And so much i want to do,
For the world outside and the one within,
I want to swim the oceans and make my parents proud,
Or work tirelessly for something unconventional,
Rather than following the crowd.
I want to conquer the world,
Or let the world conquer me,
I want to be it all,
And let it all be me.
Sometimes its hard to decide,
What I really want from life?
A good job and family?
Or a beautiful house and a loving hubby?
Or do i just want to leave it all behind and tread on a path of self exploration,
Working night and day on my soul and mind.
Heart is a trickster i feel,
Betray all my thoughts,
Feelings taking over all future plans and telling me to live the moment.
And still,
Still i worry,
Worry over what future can and cannot be?
What path might really set me free?
What actions will lead to happiness and what might just be another lesson for me?
Life is so hard to understand,
So hard to just stand on the side and watch time take its toll,
But is it wrong to aim for a peaceful soul?
And not for all the riches in the world.
Not for all the things with a price tag and not for that golden bag?
If something is meant to be just let it be,
Accept it or fight for what you believe,
And when it gets hard and all good memories go blur,
call it a test and make sure to pass it with flying colors.


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