I have been here for a while now. One thing i have realized recently is how easy it is to put down your feelings down here and let the world know what you are thinking or on what stage of life you are right now. But what makes it so easy to Post something so personal here while when it comes down to sharing it or confiding it in a friend it gets so hard. Is it the false sense of security that we get while posting here that everyone or most people here are anonymous and others who are known might even consider it just a normal write up and not one’s true feelings.
But still the point is why it has become so easy to express knowing you won’t be found out while showing emotions and sensitivity is so difficult in real world. The reasons i could come up with are:
1) May be the world has become a cruel place where if anyone shows emotions or even a little sensitivity, it is seen as a sign of weakness. People put up strong face just so no one consider them weak and try taking their advantage. Also their fear of being misunderstood stops them from being true to others as well as themselves. They are judged and sometimes even bullied. Everyone today has gone so mad over perfection and one’s outer appearance that one’s thoughts and beauty of mind is often ignored or given less attention than it deserve. Such behavior tend to make those ‘real’ people go fake and a need to be ‘part of the crowd’ forces them to follow the common norm. While doing so they tend to lose their ‘individuality’ and ‘creativity’ and when they finally find a place where they can finally leave out a sigh of relief and put forward what they really believe, it gives them a sense of security and a place to vent out their long hidden emotions and insecurities.

2) We are living in a make believe world and everyone is so busy with their own lives and they have so many problems of their own to deal with that they have little or no time for someone else’s problems or i should rather put it as “someone’s drama.” In such busy life these social platforms give an option to have a quick peek in someone else’s life and the human need to ‘stay connected’ tends to take over the actual connections one have with family and friends.

3) Even when we are depressed we as social beings get attracted to other troubled souls and try to find peace in the knowledge of not being alone. We don’t want any burdens or responsibilities that come with trying to bond with friends or family. We just want someone we can relate to and feel connected while at the same time there is no compulsion to try and interact or carry out any of those so called “social duties.”  And blogs and other social networking websites seem to cater to all those social and emotional needs.

But whatever it is we all do it, a hunt for people and place where we feel like ourselves, where our shoulders are not burdened with any of the responsibilities or those well established social norms.


2 thoughts on “Connecting

  1. I agree with you. If we do the same thing on Facebook we might be judged as attention-seeking individuals. Not everyone on our friends list is ready to listen to our rant/problems/musing/reflections. On blogs, we just talk and express ourselves among people who also write to express themselves. If they’re not interested to read, they just leave without judging, or if they do judge, it won’t hurt us because they’re not family or friends..

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    1. True indeed. We have narrowed down the concept of friendship. Every acquaintance these days is referred to as friend (thanks to facebook). This process has made us run for acceptance and urges the need to fit in the society. If we are any different, we are neglected and treated as aliens. Happy that you could connect. And thankyou for stopping by 🙂

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