Safe Haven


Today I am heading back to that place. The place I hate so much. Home is the place where i want to be. Because it makes me feel safe. It makes me feel  wanted. Its comfortable and predictable. But shouldn’t these be the reasons to not stay at home?
To experience the challenge and to live the unexpected. Change is inevitable. No change is bad, its either predictable or not predictable. At the end of day its our own decision to go with the flow or to challenge the inevitable. What’s even more important is to not to be afraid. To stand strong and face whatever life throws our way. Every time i go someplace new i begin hating it. Maybe because i leave a piece of my soul behind. It takes time to finally accept that empty space, a piece missing from a beautiful puzzle. But With time i realize that its not the center piece and i can still make out the picture, though it is never perfect. But why really aim for perfection. Isn’t this imperfection a sign of having survived the change. Home is not a place but a feeling. And until one knows there are people he/she can be themselves with they can be at home. A 2 minute call in a day is enough to know someone out there is waiting for me to return home. And the best part is to know, I am their home and still they are patient, they are patient for me. Although they miss me, they aren’t selfish or greedy. They are ready to wait. For me. And i know everytime i return its always the same. The feeling of belongingness will never go away. And it is this security that helped me to get over the hate. I have to go. Do something with my life. I must take chances and accept challenges. And although i thought things will never go back the way they were, I know gradually i will learn to accept that the walls of the building might wither, the people might age, the habits might change, but one thing that won’t change is this feeling and belief that even if i am lost love will always guide me home.


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